Andraž is a professional windsurfer from Slovenia who discovered windsurfing, thanks to his father, when he was 8 years old. Since then windsurfing is his biggest passion. He traveled the world in order to discover new windsurf destinations and  to gain new experience. In 2003 Andraž started with local freestyle competitions around Europe and Egypt. It was obvious that he has a talent and already next year he attended a few European and World cup events. His best result is 13th place in overall ranking in World Cup, 4th place in overall ranking in European Freestyle Pro Tour and he is the latest official Slovenian freestyle champion. Due to sport education, sharing experience and a good eye for mistakes, Andraž opened a windsurf school “Windsurf Camps”. Since then he is sharing experience with many people who have the same passion for windsurfing all around the world. According to the most certain wind and one of the best conditions for windsurfing you can lately join Andraž on Greek island Karpathos. Beside windsurfing he is instructor of skiing in Switzerland and his second passion is also filmaking and photography under his second company AŽ production.