Windsurf courses on Mauritius october

When the summer is over it is time to fly to warmer places. One of the best destination still at the end of the season is Mauritius. With perfect Tourquise waters and constant winds, you can learn windsurfing or improve your skills in tropical paradise.



Spot: Lagoon, Little Reef, Manawa, One Eye
Location: Le Morne
Windy season: June- November
Wind strength: 15-30kts
Conditions: flat water, waves
Water temperatures: 20 – 25℃ in OCT/NOV
Air temperatures: 20 – 40℃
Prices: EU standard
Flight: from SLO, GER, AUT, UK,… to Mauritius
Accommodation: Apartments nearby and hotels on the spot
Windsurf center: ION Club Le Morne
Food: Versatile, local, European,…
Weekly budget: around 1600eur


Windsurf Center and spot

A dream spot: a white sandy beach, a turquoise lagoon, and shallow water. The whole lagoon is surrounded by a reef, which is 600 meters from the beach. Depending on the tide, the water might be so shallow at low tide that sometimes neither the reef nor the lagoon can be surfed. Within the lagoon, there is enough space for speed racing or practicing gybes and water starts.
Outside you can find two wave spots: “Little Reef” with modest waves and “Manawa” for experienced windsurfers, who can participate in one of the regular surfing excursions to this spot. The famous “One Eye” is only suitable for experts. 

Windsurfing tuition takes place directly in front of the center. We recommend wearing shoes in the lagoon. Moreover, Mauritius has several excellent surfing spots, which can be reached directly from the center.