5 – 12. July | 19 – 26. July |26. July – 2. August

In July there will be 3 weeks of Camps organized on Karpathos. These 3 weeks are for all levels of windsurfers, from beginners to advanced. The Wind is steady every day, so all the levels can make a great progress.


Spot: Chicken bay / Gun bay / Devils bay / Luv spot
Location: 20km from Pigadia city
Windy season: May-October
Wind strength: 18 – 30 kts
Conditions: flat water, choppy water, waves
Water temperatures: 20 – 22℃ beginning of July
Air temperatures: 20 – 30℃
Prices: EU standard
Flight: from SLO, GER, AUT, UK,… to Karpathos/ Athens
Accommodation: several app in Afiartis and Arkasa
Windsurf center: Meltemi Windsurfing( Chris Schill in the past)
Food: Greek/ European
Weekly budget: around 950eur


Windsurf Center

There are two Centres on Karpathos so there is something for everybody on this island. The Pro Center Lagoon is specially tailored to the needs of families and kids. Among others, we offer you special beginner and children equipment that guarantees rapid progress. The lagoon is also a very nice freestyle and freeride spot, even so, the sandy bay with its shallow water is perfect for beginners. The more advanced sailor can surf through a channel out of the lagoon into the Paradise Bay. Devils bay is still the most favored spot of Karpathos. During summer we usually have a constant and reliable wind between 5-7 Beaufort on the turquoise blue 24-degree warm water. In July and August, during the peak of summer, the wind can get quite strong in the Devils Bay and regularly reaches strengths above 7 Beaufort. The flat water, close to the shore without any chops make practicing new maneuvers very easy and you can see your progress within very few days