Finally you can have a look at the dates of the camps for the upcoming season 2016! There is a lot of dates and a lot of new interesting camps coming up.

At the beginning of the season 23. – 30. April we are organizing first camp which will be a mixture of windsurfing and outdoor activities, that means 3-4 days of windsurfing and 2-3 days of exploring the island and having fun with other activities. This time the wind still doesn’t have it’s full strength and the temperatures are not so high, so it’s great to do some hiking, mountain biking, climbing or just sightseeing around the island beside windsurfing. 14 – 21.  May is very similar story, so we will organize another camp with the same offer.

In June it gets already warmer and wind is gaining it’s strength, that is why the two camps 10. – 17.  June and 24. June – 1. July  will be going on normally as usual, a lot of sailing, here and there some short trip and a lot of fun! For All Ages and Levels.

When the summer season reaches it’s peak, another 3 camps are coming up. This time a little different than other years. From 8.- 15. July 2 camps will be held at the same time. One will be just for Girls with our amazing instructor Baara Zatori and the other one will be freestyle oriented and led by Andraž Žan. Freestyle it means everything from old school, until the newest new school air moves- you can check some of Andražes freestyle skills in his latest video from Dahab – . There is one condition to attend freestyle camp, you have to know how to plan with control, how to tack and jibe. How to jump is recommended but not necessary if you are starting with old school freestyle. Furthermore  another camp is following on 15. – 22. July for all Ages and Levels.

After camps in July we will have a short brake and next camps for All ages and Levels will be starting in August. 5. – 12. then 12. – 19. and 26. – 2. September.

As the season will be getting to an end, the wind will also be loosing it’s power, there for we will organize another camp with Windsurfing and Adventure Trips ( 3-4days + 2-3days ) on 16. – 23. September.

We hope there is enough choice for you this year, if not we are on Karpathos the whole season so there will be for sure some space for private lessons. Just write us and we will find a way to make you happy and make your windsurfing better!

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